This is the story of my journey to a zero-waste mindset. By changing my mindset, the zero-waste lifestyle followed. Keep reading for my journey to rid my home of single-use plastic.

This blog is a collection of my experiences and thoughts while ridding my home of unnecessary single-use plastic.

The lifestyle will follow what the mind sets out to do.

Bags, bags, bags …

No, No, No

I remember one day looking at my kitchen pantry and realizing that we had more grocery store plastic bags than we knew what to do with. It was then it finally hit me that I should probably try to limit my plastic bag use at the grocery store.

It just so happened that dsw.com was having a promotion to earn a free tote bag set if you bought so many shoes. I needed more shoes (right?). And my home needed less plastic bags. Perfect! These bags stay in the car for planned and impromptu grocery trips.

I haven’t seen the promotion on dsw.com recently, but you can find similar totes at Target. I know it says laundry, but the rectangular design really makes packing tons of grocery items much better than a round bag. The trick to it is to always have the bags handy and nearby so there’s never any thought to it. Mindset.

Points of Interest

Every time I use plastic…

March 25, 2021

… it’s like I’m mailing a one way delivery letter to the ocean. My goal is to reduce my carbon foot print one single-use plastic bag at a time. It’s the small things. Mindset.

What if the world really looked this emerald?

March 25, 2021

Join me on my journey to mindset emeraldzille.